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Are you too busy for your teeth?

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When teeth start to show signs of stains there are several options to brighten your teeth, remove stains and uncover a gorgeous white smile. Don’t hide your smile, show it off to the world. Come to Newman Dental Care Inc. for prompt whitening services from caring clinicians.

• Bleaching at the office or home

• Whitening trays designed to fit your mouth

• Multiple treatments to reduce tough stains

• Replacement of fillings or crowns to match

Quality treatment options

Our team of experts will show you the best way to remove stains fast and efficiently. Whitening can give you a new look in just one treatment.


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Effective whitening treatment can be fast, especially with our new state-of-the-art technology. Our office now offers whitening solutions that can transform your dull smile to bright white in just about an hour. No more waiting for results.

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