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Root canal

A toothache can result in unbearable pain and leave you wondering if your tooth will be lost to decay. Our team of professionals here at Newman Dental Care Inc. will assess the area and will do everything they can to prevent you from having to remove the tooth. Get back to a healthy smile today.

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Most people don’t know that a tooth can survive without a live nerve. When decay is present the best option might be to completely remove the nerve to save the structure of the tooth.

There's no need for a live nerve

Removing your tooth's nerve will quickly alleviate any pain you're experiencing. Our team is ready to keep your mouth healthy and free of pain.


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• Root canals start with complete cleaning at the source

• The nerve of the tooth is removed and decay is cleaned out of the tooth

• Any remaining damaged tissues is also removed

• Complete bacteria abatement before the tooth is capped or filled

What you can expect:

Alleviate Pain Quickly with a Root Canal