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Are you too busy for your teeth?

Full denture Confidence smile

When decay, disease or injury cause tooth loss, you may need a self-confidence boost. Let our team at Newman Dental Care Inc. rebuild your beautiful smile with full or partial dentures.

Care since 2001

If you are new to the world of dentures, our team will outline a guide to ensure that you are prepared for the feel and fit.


At first working with dentures can be difficult. Eating will feel different as the dentures might feel as if they are slipping.

Adjustment period

Our dedicated staff with show you the best ways to insert the dentures into your mouth for the best possible fit.


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Experience the best fit

• Full plate dentures are designed for a custom fit in the mouth

• Immediate complete dentures that allow for fast replacement

• Partial dentures that cover large gaps from missing teeth

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Build Your Confidence with Dentures